Our goal is to help house the world's needy
in an ecologically sound, safe, and self-sustaining manner
and to foster viable micro-industries in the most dire of locations.

*Our system uses mostly recycled materials, saving them from a landfill and protecting the environment.
*We provide both self-contained, off-grid, living options and on-grid options for ready connection to public services (if available).
*Earthquake and hurricane proof, highly secure.
*Mildew, Rot and Insect Resistant.
*Secure environment for those traumatized by natural disasters.
*Thoughtful layouts and thermal management utilizing cutting edge technologies.
*Designs emphasize convenience, safety and livability.
*Low Maintenance units designed for a 25 year lifespan with only minor maintenance and detailed instructions for any periodic activity required.

We have researched and developed capacity in-house and additional partnerships with ISBU container modular assemblers, concrete panel home kit builders, SIP modular builders and a host of green building technologies from insulation to sewage treatment and energy generation. Our modular building systems allow for a large variety of final configurations from single family home types to high density barracks style and even commercial store-front styles. Store-fronts can be customized with product inventory, product display and service materials in already place thereby creating an instant and enduring source of local revenue. Supply chains have been established such that our communities are CARBON NEGATIVE AND CASH FLOW POSITIVE!

We use a scientific approach and have conducted extensive research and development on thermal management, solar power collection and power storage systems, rainwater Harvesting/collection, water purification, ultra compact and high efficiency composting and low power passive cooling systems.

We have demonstration units available for viewing and focus on solutions with only the shortest lead times.

Institutional orders welcome!

Please call us now at 305-942-8840 or email info@greenrelief.info to get something great started!

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