Founded by 4 local businessmen that were aghast that solutions that were relatively easy to create in the first world were not being applied to the third world, we engineered a model that minimizes the major obstacles found when trying to help.

Dr. Michael Baum

Dr. Michael Baum has been a practicing health care professional for over 30 years.  He is board certified in the field of chiropractic and acupuncture. His experience includes the formation and development of multi-disciplinary clinics specializing in physical rehabilitation throughout Southern Florida. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of many civic, professional and philanthropic organizations. His passion for community service has been on the forefront of his career. In the first hours after the earthquake occurred in Haiti, he had discussions with his 2 sons Bryan and Eric on how they could help victims of this catastrophic event. As a result of these conversations, they initiated efforts to bring medical personnel and supplies to Port-Au-Prince. When the concerns developed about lack of adequate housing Dr. Baum continued discussing with Bryan and Eric additional ways that we could help. What came about was organizing a well rounded group of private individuals to create a business to supply a “Green” housing solution for Haiti that is both earthquake and hurricane proof. These efforts turned into the ‘Greenrelief’ self contained home project.

Edwin Melendez

President & Chief Executive Officer at MultiMedia Innovations

Edwin was born in New York City but grew up enjoying another city which would later become one of the most beautiful places to live in the world, Miami, Florida. Edwin is a charismatic individual that is passionate about what he does and takes pride in every project he undertakes. His Latin roots have also come to play an important part of how he identifies himself today. “Family is very important to me. It is how we define ourselves in an industry that is growing so rapidly. Throughout my life, I always knew I could count on my family. Just the same, our clients become part of the MultiMedia Innovations family and they depend on us as much as we depend on them. It works out pretty well.”

As a teenager, Edwin was fortunate to have worked for some of the leading companies in the industry at the time, Sound Design & Engineering, Media Control Technologies and Sound Advice. Getting a great education from the talent pool that was readily available prepared him for the undertaking he would venture into later on. After leaving to Boston on a football scholarship, Edwin majored in International Business at Northeastern University and continued to be involved with sound as a DJ in local night clubs. Upon his return to South Florida he was approached to work in the emerald mines in Colombia with one of his childhood friends. “It was a wonderful experience and it gave me an opportunity to explore the world as a young man. Some of my best friends and clients I met while I was working in Colombia.” At the age of 23, like a sponge, absorbing the best things each company had to offer, he was now prepared to put all of those things into place and created MultiMedia Innovations in 1994, with a vision, a passion for home theater, and a relentless desire to succeed.

Neal Lipner

Neal has a very diverse background and has assisted in relief efforts in many parts of the globe.

Technology: Spent nearly 20 years designing and building IT infrastructure and writing/modifying ERP, accounting and extranet systems. Extensive experience in ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 quality systems, repetitive manufacturing, manufacturing process control, shop floor control and automation systems, environmental logging and monitoring systems, cost accounting, high level contract negotiation and global logistics.

Now manages a fund and dynasty trusts for a group of ultra-high net worth individuals. Very active in project finance, financial modeling, private equity, bond trading, equities, hedging strategies, deal structures, etc.

Daniel Giraldi

Daniel has extensive construction and engineering experience servicing the US and Latin America for over 15 years. He also holds a law degree.